We solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges

We are the leading innovative flexible packaging partner. Our customers are international businesses with specialist packaging requirements who appreciate the technical collaboration, innovation and extraordinary service that Flexipol offers.

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Optimising performance and sustainability

We take a holistic approach, developing innovative film technologies that exceed all our own environmental responsibilities whilst working closely with our customers to help them achieve theirs.

Sustainable innovation

Collaborative innovation

We look for the challenges our customers may be experiencing, and we make it our business to work closely with customers to engineer them away. These win-win technical partnerships lead to a stream of innovative packaging solutions that improve both businesses.

Our innovations

We are one company with three brands

Flexipol is proud to design and manufacture Flexipol, Palagan and Synpac specialist packaging solutions.

Our environmental responsibility

For our specialist applications, plastic offers the best customer solutions and minimises the environmental impact. As proved by the independent Carbon Trust, no material has a better carbon footprint than plastic, provided it is recycled and reused effectively.

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Discover performance packaging

We challenge ourselves to design and manufacture the best possible packaging solution where the needs and solutions are highly specific.

This is how

Advanced films, superior performance

Flexipol is BRC certificated and is an approved food packaging supplier to manufacturers in the Marks and Spencer supply chain.

Our services