Heavy duty sacks

Heavy duty polythene sacks, available in a stand up pack with block bottom technology, Ripp 'n' Flow easy open sacks and side gusseted or pillow sacks.

Manufactured with our strongest polythene, our heavy duty plastic sacks are designed for packaging heavyweight items for many industries such as animal feed, aggregates, courier delivery, healthcare, builders merchant and plastic parts manufacturers. Flexipol's heavy duty sacks are the perfect, customisable solution for your needs.


  • Specially designed heavy duty sacks and bags
  • Puncture resistant film
  • Stronger film reduces packaging waste
  • Can be designed for use on automated sealers or bag neck sealers
  • Can be heat sealed or stitched
  • Available with block bottom technology
  • Available in a wide variety of colours
  • 100% recyclable

Available technologies

  • Flexographic printing

    High quality print in up to 8 colours

  • Inner/outer colours

    Different colour inner and outer material

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

  • UVI inhibitors

    Extended protection against sunlight

  • Ripp ‘n’ Flow technology

    Unique and safe easy-open sack system

  • Surface treatments

    Improved adhesion for inks, labels and tapes

  • Block bottom style sacks

    Stand-up sack for easy filling, palletisation and product loss reduction

  • 30% recycled content

    Can include recycled content without compromising quality or performance

  • Emboss and emboss strips

    Reduces slippage during palletisation

  • Perforations

    Allows air to escape the bag, and greatly helps palletisation

Extra strong heavy duty sacks are designed for your needs, available with block bottom and Ripp ‘n’ Flow features, for a stand up pack for ease of filling, and an easy-open system, eliminating the risks associated with using knives, and speeding up the emptying process.

Puncture resistant film

Choosing a high strength film is critical. Our heavy duty sacks are designed in our unique blends for purpose. Across every industrial sector, our heavy duty polythene bags package any shaped items and resist punctures.

Less waste

Our sacks are designed with your process in mind, we can advise the best size for your application, reducing any excess packaging waste. With our block bottom feature, the mitred corners stop product entrapment, reducing product waste. We can also manufacture the sacks with 30% recycled content, with no impact on the performance of the sack.

Extensive range of heavy duty polythene bags

We manufacture a wide variety of heavy duty sacks, These include flat bags, pillow sacks, gusseted sacks, block bottom sacks, aggregate sacks, rubble sacks, coal sacks, animal feed sacks, horticulture sacks, bale bags, underlay bags, pharmaceutical grade bags, secure heavy duty document sacks.

Our heavy duty sacks can be designed for use on automated sealers or bag neck sealers, or can be stitched, and filled on hand, auto, or semi- automatic filling lines, ensuring your packing and filling processes don’t slow down.

100% recyclable.