Eliminate the risk of external contaminants with our double layered Bag-in-bag, where the outer layer can be peeled off.

Flexipol has developed a Bag-in-bag system, which eliminates the risk of external contaminants in high care areas and allows for the removal of surface tarnishes from the sacks caused in processing and transit.


  • Peelable layer allows removal of external contaminants, scuffs and other tarnishes 
  • High quality flexographic printing in up to 8 colours 
  • Inner colour/outer colour can be different 
  • Water resistant  
  • Peelable layer can be made clear so print is visible  
  • Suitable for fully or semi-automatic filling lines 
  • Bespoke and tailored to your needs  
  • 100% recyclable 

Available technologies

  • Flexographic printing

    High quality print in up to 8 colours

  • UVI inhibitors

    Extended protection against sunlight

  • Inner/outer colours

    Different colour inner and outer material

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • Emboss and emboss strips

    Reduces slippage during palletisation

  • Perforations

    Allows air to escape the bag, and greatly helps palletisation

  • EVOH material

    Barrier qualities, especially for pungent or oily ingredients

  • Surface treatments

    Improved adhesion for inks, labels and tapes

  • Flexistrong material

    Speciality material blend, reduces micron with no compromise on film strength

About Bag-in-bag

Flexipol has developed a bag-in-bag system, which eliminates the risk of external contaminants in high care areas. The bag-in-bag has a peelable external layer, which can be removed once the bags have been filled and transported. This allows the fresh, clean sack underneath to be taken into a high care area.  

Flexipol’s bag-in-bag can be used for transit packaging, allowing for tarnishes on the exterior of the sacks to be removed once the products have arrived at their destination, revealing the high care sack underneath. 

Printing? No problem.

We can manufacture the external layer in a natural, clear film, allowing for high quality print designs on the internal sack to remain visible at all times.  

All of our bag-in-bag peelable sacks are bespoke and manufactured to order. Our experts work with customers to calculate a size and thickness perfect for your application and the volume and density of product you would like to pack.