Film, tubing, sheeting and FFS films

For automatic high speed packaging, Flexipol’s films, sheeting, form, fill and seal (FFS) films and tubing increase efficiency and reduce packaging costs.

Flexipol’s polythene film on a reel, layflat tubing, gusseted layflat tubing, centrefold sheeting, single wound sheeting can feature extremely detailed print in up to 8 colours with our high-quality flexographic printing press, and is all 100% food grade and can be 100% recyclable. Every form, fill and seal (FFS) film is uniquely designed to meet the needs of any machine specification.


  • Made from Flexipol’s high quality, M&S approved food grade polythene
  • Material blend specifically designed for purpose
  • BRC approved to AA standard
  • Inner colour can be different to outer colour
  • Can feature high quality flexographic print
  • Supplied on reels for ease of running on various lines including form, fill and seal lines
  • Water resistant
  • Bespoke and tailored to your needs
  • Can be 100% recyclable

Available technologies

  • Flexographic printing

    High quality print in up to 8 colours

  • Gusset printing

    Visible branding when sacks are palletised

  • UVI inhibitors

    Extended protection against sunlight

  • Inner/outer colours

    Different colour inner and outer material

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • Emboss and emboss strips

    Reduces slippage during palletisation

  • EVOH material

    Barrier qualities, especially for pungent or oily ingredients

  • Surface treatments

    Improved adhesion for inks, labels and tapes

  • 30% recycled content

    Can include recycled content without compromising quality or performance

About film, tubing, sheeting and form fill and seal films

Flexipol’s tried and tested blends for our various gusseted tubing, films, sheeting and layflat tubing mean we can offer lower gauge or micron without compromising on strength, quality or performance.

Our form, fill and seal films (FFS) help customers increase efficiency and reduce packaging costs. 

Our advanced multilayer form, fill and seal films are thinner than ever without compromising on tear strength. This helps to reduce packaging waste and meet tougher environmental standards.

Rest assured…

All of our material is 100% food grade and can be 100% recyclable.

It can also include 30% recycled content.

We can offer different colours on the inside material and outside material of the film, including film containing 30% recycled content, with a black inner for better UV protection.

Thanks to our high-quality flexographic printing press, we can print intricate designs in up to 8 colours in both random and registered repeats, and we supply all of these products on rolls which vary in weight depending on what our customer’s needs are.

Tell us what you need

We can manufacture film on a reel, sheeting, gusseted layflat tubing and layflat tubing for all different kinds of applications, from unprinted pallet top sheets on a reel, to high quality flexographic printed gusseted layflat tubing for form fill and seal lines.