Polythene pallet covers, plasterboard covers, heavy duty sacks & films for builders and construction merchants, manufacturers & refractories

Our protective transit packaging, especially pallet covers and heavy duty sacks, are used by leading manufacturers of construction materials. Our Flexipol Ripp 'n' Flow easy-open sacks, block bottom sacks, grip sheets and FFS film are tough packaging designed for the UK construction industry.

Industry experts

  • Protecting building materials along the supply chain
  • Designed to optimise automated packaging lines
  • Maximum strength bags and covers for excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • Bespoke heavy duty sacks are breathable and waterproof, ideal for aggregates
  • 100% recyclable film


Packaging plays a critical role in the building industry. As a manufacturer, merchant or distributor, you depend on safe transportation and reliable storage to preserve the quality of your products. At Flexipol, we offer the most advanced range of Palagan polythene pallet covers and heavy duty sacks to guarantee this vital protection.

Our pallet and plasterboard covers protect building materials all along the supply chain. Within buildings, our polythene sheeting is commonly used for various applications. We create bespoke heavy duty sacks that are breathable and waterproof, ideal for products such as aggregates. Our wide width film protects packs of timber and plasterboard from all weather conditions.

When combined with our Flexipol range of sacks and sack systems, grip sheets and form fill and seal films (FFS), we have it covered.

Palagan polythene covers for builders merchants, manufacturers and refractories offer multiple benefits:

Versatile sheeting

Our polythene sheeting enables processors to package any size product. To simplify your packaging, our technical team can recommend one film style to fit all load sizes. We can also produce shrink grade sheeting so your products can be secured and arrive safely at their destination.

Maximum protection

Our Palagan high strength film protects bulky products. We manufacture excellent tear and puncture resistant polythene sheeting to avoid sharp edges piercing the film, from corners on planed square edge to splinters on rough sawn timbers.

Efficient processing and packaging

Designed to optimise automated packaging lines, Palagan sheeting ensures maximum efficiency. Used to cover pallets or as a protective top sheet, our sheeting ensures your customers receive your products in excellent condition.

Defence against rain, dirt and abrasion

Our polythene sheeting provides effective defence against rain, bird droppings and dust ingress. This protective sheeting is guaranteed to be water resistant. We can even add UV protection to help reduce the risk of sun damage to your products.

Reduce accidents

We can adjust the film slip levels to reduce potential accidents from walking over the covered plasterboard or timber.

Customised colours and printing

All polythene sheeting can be manufactured clear or coloured. Flexipol can help maximise your brand awareness by having the timber sheeting printed with your company name or logo.

All polythene sheeting is manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards.

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