Block bottom tray liners and box liners

Reduce product loss and overall packaging with Flexipol's block bottom design for box and tray liners.

Flexipol’s block bottom feature is designed to create a perfect fit for a wide variety of box or tray sizes, resulting in less plastic material being required to line the tray or box. Widely used for packing meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables and frozen food products.


  • M&S approved and preferred food packaging supplier
  • Block bottom feature eliminates product loss due to polythene entrapment
  • Reduce end user complaints
  • High quality food grade polythene
  • Material blend designed for purpose
  • Water resistant
  • Cost saving solution
  • Less material required due to bespoke fit
  • Suitable for hand filling or auto-filling
  • 100% recyclable

Available technologies

  • Print

    Advanced print design, EC logo or usage instructions

  • UVI inhibitors

    Extended protection against sunlight

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

  • Block bottom style

    Specialised, perfect fit and elimination of product loss

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • Supplied as singles in Ripp ‘n’ Take packs

    Easy-open, high care area safe, food grade outer packaging

  • Supplied on rolls

    Ease of tearing and storage

About block bottom tray liners and box liners

Flexipol block bottom box and tray liners reduce polythene waste. That’s because standard liners are not designed to the specific application, resulting in excessive material used. Flexipol block bottom liners are designed for each customer’s application to reduce packaging costs and ensure maximum product space available.

Customers using Flexipol’s unique block bottom design have fewer end user complaints from foreign body contamination and reduced product loss. Our tailor-made block bottom liners are a great cost saving solution.

We can manufacture box liners and tray liners in a wide variety of colours for identification, different applications and allergens.

Not just any packaging supplier…

Flexipol is an M&S preferred packaging supplier. Our food-grade packaging in our unique blend allows us to supply film at a reduced gauge or micron, whilst not compromising on quality or strength, offering yet another cost saving to our customers.

With our high-quality polythene, we can also manufacture flat and side gusseted box and tray liners.

All of our block bottom tray liners and box liners are bespoke and manufactured to order. Our technical experts calculate a size and thickness perfect for your application and the tray or box you would like to line.