Heavy duty sacks, pallet covers and films for manufacturers who supply components to the automotive industry

Flexipol produces Palagan polythene products that offer protection for the automotive sectors in multiple ways. Our shrink film wraps windscreens; our film protects car seat covers; our heavy duty sacks are used for rubber seals and trims and to safeguard parts or contain waste; our polythene bags safeguard roof linings and panels.

Industry experts

  • Offers maximum protection for windscreens and car seat covers
  • Heavy duty sacks tough enough to protect rubber seals and trims
  • Safeguards automotive parts during transit and in storage
  • Polythene bags to safeguard roof linings and panels
  • Palletised to your specification
  • 100% recyclable film


We are experts in heavy duty sacks and pallet covers for the automotive sector. Whatever automotive component needs protecting, our technical experts can design internal transit packaging that suits your factory or plant to ensure that parts enter and leave the factory in pristine condition.

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Manufactured in UK

We use innovative technology to produce high performance industrial polythene. All our customised products are guaranteed for reliable performance and tight control over polythene thickness. In addition, all of our polythene is tested for quality assurance.

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Fast turnarounds

If you’ve got a situation that demands a fast turnaround or need help solving a last-minute crisis, speak to us. For urgent orders, we can deliver same day for stock held in our warehouse. For new designs and production orders, we are the fastest in the business. We can commit to these fast turnarounds due to our special in-line production technique – raw material to finished product in one pass through our process. No wonder our customers rate us as their most reliable and helpful packaging supplier.

Our fast turnaround services

Bespoke design and production

One product does not fit all. You need packaging that fills and fits perfectly. That’s why each item we produce is manufactured to your specific processes, and optimum performance for your application. Flexipol Technical Account Managers will create the ideal solution using the latest technologies and value engineering. As we understand the importance of reliable transportation, we palletise your delivery according to your specific storage, factory and transit needs.

More about bespoke design