Block bottom sacks

Flexipol’s block bottom sacks provide food-grade, heavy-duty, 100% recyclable stand-up packs for easy filling, palletisation, reduced slippage and the elimination of product loss.

High quality, heavy-duty, food-grade polythene sacks with Flexipol’s unique block bottom technology, are designed for food products including breadcrumbs, batter, sauce powders, coatings, egg powder, pasta, flavourings, minerals, ingredients, herbs and spices. Also used for aggregates, powders, cement, minerals, chemicals, sand, salt and other industrial applications.


  • Eliminates product loss  
  • More hygienic than paper sacks. Lower infestation risk than paper sacks 
  • Available with block bottom feature for ease of filling and palletisation 
  • High quality flexographic printing in up to 8 colours
  • Inner colour can be different to outer colour  
  • Water resistant  
  • Suitable for fully or semi-automatic filling lines 
  • Available with 30% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable 

Available technologies

  • Flexographic printing

    High quality print in up to 8 colours

  • Gusset printing

    Visible branding when sacks are palletised

  • UVI inhibitors

    Extended protection against sunlight

  • Ripp ‘n’ Flow technology

    Unique and safe easy-open sack system

  • UN approved sacks

    Certified for solid or liquid dangerous materials

  • Inner/outer colours

    Different colour inner and outer material

  • Block bottom style sacks

    Stand-up sack for easy filling, palletisation and product loss reduction

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • Emboss and emboss strips

    Reduces slippage during palletisation

  • 30% recycled content

    Can include recycled content without compromising quality or performance

About block bottom sacks

Flexipol high quality, heavy-duty, food-grade block bottom sacks provide an outstanding alternative to standard pillow sacks or poly lined sacks.  

The block bottom feature creates a stand-up pack for ease of filling, palletisation and reduced slippage, and the mitred gussets eliminate polythene entrapment which reduces product loss. 

Proven to be more hygienic than paper alternatives, Flexipol bespoke block bottom sacks reduce potential infestation contaminants. Designed with a unique film blend, our block bottom sacks are 100% food grade and we are BRC approved to an AA standard. 

We can include recycled content.

We can include 30% recycled content and can manufacture block bottom sacks featuring a black inner, white outer for increased UV protection.  

Need an easy-open?

Flexipol block bottom sacks can feature an easy-open system. For more information, find out more about our patented Ripp ‘n’ Flow sacks.  

We can also produce high quality sacks with side gussets, featuring back seals and as pillow sacks.  

All our block bottom sacks are bespoke and manufactured to order. Our experts work with customers to calculate a size and thickness perfect for your application and the volume and density of product you would like to pack. 

Ripp n flow