Heavy duty sacks, pallet covers, box and dolav liners, Ripp 'n' Take box replacement bags, form, fill and seal films and Ripp 'n' Flow easy open sacks, for plastic extruders, plastic moulders and processors

Our extensive liners and sacks are used to protect plastic injection moulded products during packaging, transit and storage.

Industry experts

  • Maximum strength protection bags for excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • Tough film avoids the need to double bag
  • Block bottom heavy-duty sacks to create a stand-up pack for ease of filling and palletisation 
  • Ripp ‘n’ Flow easy- open sack system for speed and ease when decanting and processing, and eliminating the need for knives  
  • Available with 30% recycled content  
  • High quality flexographic printing  
  • Optional air perforations remove condensation and air pockets
  • Designed for your specific processing requirements
  • 100% recyclable film


We help the plastics industry to protect its products in many ways. Our polythene bags are used for internal and external packaging to protect plastic injection moulded items during transit and storage. We engineer form, fill and seal films for blow moulded products. At Flexipol, we also design and produce Palagan stillage liners to profile extruders.

For products like our Ripp ‘n’ Flow easy open sacks, our Ripp ‘n’ Take box replacement system, and our block bottom sacks– we developed all of these products in house, and in some cases these are patented. Perfect for industries like plastics and injection moulding.

Plastic extruders, plastic moulders and plastic processors across food and non-food industries use our range of  heavy duty sacks and liners for their reliability and great quality.

Manufactured in UK

Our technical experts work with you to design a solution for your requirements. All products are manufactured to order on our extrusion machines. This guarantees reliable performance and tight control over polythene thickness. Our sophisticated equipment produces consistently strong polythene. All of our bags are tested for quality assurance.

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Our products are made from scratch, to order, at our manufacturing facilities across the UK. We extrude, print and convert all flexible packaging in house with the capability to print and convert other substrates. This reflects our commitment to stringent quality standards and ensuring we deliver quality from initial design to production.

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Bespoke design and production

One product does not fit all. You need packaging that fills and fits perfectly. That’s why each item we produce is manufactured to your specific processes, and optimum performance for your application. Flexipol Technical Account Managers will create the ideal solution using the latest technologies and value engineering. As we understand the importance of reliable transportation, we palletise your delivery according to your specific storage, factory and transit needs.

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