Coloured vacuum pouches

Extend shelf life and enhance presentation with Synpac tinted vacuum pouches

Used in food and non-food applications, Synpac colour tinted vacuum pouches have excellent oxygen, moisture and UV light barrier properties. Available in any colour including parchment effect for cheese and meat producers, and blue tint to improve product differentiation. Coloured vacuum pouches are suitable for gas flushing and vacuum packing.


  • Enhances presentation
  • Suitable for gas flushing and vacuum packing
  • Extends product shelf life
  • Superior oxygen, moisture and gas barriers
  • Option of UV light barrier
  • Produced at our BRC and ISO UK manufacturing sites
  • Manufactured and tailored to your needs

Available technologies

  • Print

    Advanced print design, EC logo or usage instructions

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • EVOH material

    Barrier qualities, especially for pungent or oily ingredients

About coloured vacuum pouches

Our range of Synpac colour tinted vacuum bags and pouches are the highest quality and have superior barrier properties.

Synpac colour tinted vacuum bags and pouches are designed to extend shelf life, preserve product quality and freshness and have excellent sealing properties. They are suitable for sous vide cooking, microwavable and freezing.

Our parchment effect tinted pouches provide a handcrafted artisan touch to a product.  Parchment effect pouches, also known as paper effect, are popular with British cheese producers and packers as well as bacon and cured meat companies.  The parchment material minimises visibility so you are not able to completely see what is inside until open. We keep two sizes on stock which are available for immediate despatch.

  • Size (External) 160mm x 300mm
    Pack size 1,000
  • Size (External) 200mm x 250mm
    Pack size 1,000

We also keep a black material which customer choose to disguise the product completely, popular with meat and poultry processors.  All sizes in this material are made to order with a low minimum order quantity.

Our blue tint coloured vacuum pouches are used by meat, poultry and vegetable processors.  Blue tint vacuum pouches help the food processing industry with detectability and to differentiate products.  We keep three sizes on stock for immediate despatch.

  • Size (External) 300mm x 400mm
    Pack size 500
  • Size (External) 400mm x 500mm
    Pack size 500
  • Size (External) 500mm x 600mm
    Pack size 500

We can provide Synpac vacuum pouches in any colour. We have previously supplied customers with a red or yellow coloured bag. We can also provide materials that contain a UV light barrier to help protect your products further if required.

We offer a one colour random print which allows customers to have company details or an EC logo. Alternatively, you can choose advanced flexographic printing.

Synpac colour tinted vacuum bags and pouches are manufactured in an extensive range of sizes and thicknesses to suit the product and application. Our experienced team can help provide the correct bag suitable for your requirements.