Grip sheets

Improve pallet stability during transport and storage with Flexipol grip sheets.

Flexipol grip sheets reduce slippage on pallets of sacks for pallet stability during transportation, stacking, factory and warehouse movement. Grip sheets are used between the pallet and the sacks packed on top, or between layers of sacks.


  • Increases pallet stability
  • Reduces slippage during transport and storage
  • Specifically designed blend to create anti-slip properties
  • Made on rolls for ease of tearing
  • Cost saving solution
  • Bespoke and tailored to your needs
  • 100% recyclable

Available technologies

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • Supplied on rolls

    Ease of tearing and storage

About grip sheets

Flexipol’s grip sheets are manufactured from a unique film blend which makes them tack onto pallets and layers of sacks to increase stability. They can be used between the pallet itself and the sacks packed on top of it, as well as being put between layers of sacks. We provide grip sheets in a variety of different colours.

What do grip sheets do?

As the anti-slip grip sheets increase pallet stability, they make transportation, stacking and factory and warehouse movement much easier and safer.

Flexipol grip sheets are bespoke and manufactured to order. Our team of technical experts can design the perfect size and thickness for your application.

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