Aluminium vacuum pouches

Exceptional UV light protection for chemical, pharmaceuticals and food processors

Synpac aluminium vacuum pouches extend product shelf life with superior UV light, oxygen, moisture and gas barriers. They are widely used in engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products because of their high tensile strength and flexibility to resist sharp edges.


  • Exceptional barrier properties 
  • UV light barrier 
  • Excellent oxygen, moisture and gas barriers 
  • Suitable for vacuum packing or heat sealing
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior optical properties
  • Flexibility to resist sharp edges
  • Manufactured and tailored to your needs  

Available technologies

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • EVOH material

    Barrier qualities, especially for pungent or oily ingredients

About aluminium vacuum pouches

Synpac aluminium vacuum pouches have exceptional barrier properties offering the ultimate in moisture and oxygen protection.  Our Synpac vacuum pouches have good optical properties and provide an effective UV light barrier.  In addition, our aluminium vacuum pouches have a high tensile strength and flexibility to resist sharp edges.   

Aluminium pouches are used in variety of industries from engineering and chemicals to pharmaceuticals and food products.  The vacuum pouches are 146 micron and can withstand aggressive chemicals and compounds as well as control strong odours and volatile products.    

Synpac aluminium pouches are suitable for vacuum packing or heat sealing.  We can also include a tear notch to provide an easy open access to your products.   

We keep on one size of aluminium vacuum pouch in stock which is available for immediate despatch: 

  • Size (External) 180mm x 275mm
    Pack size 1,000

We manufacture all Synpac aluminium vacuum pouches in UK.  Our Innovation Team can provide you with aluminium pouches to the specification you require.  Get in touch to find out how.