Barrier protection bags

Protect manufactured parts during storage and transportation with vacuum and barrier bags and pouches

Synpac barrier protection bags improve packing processes across chemical, automotive and healthcare industries. These exceptionally high quality barrier protection bags have excellent sealing properties and are suitable for sterilisation by gamma irradiation, gas flushing and vacuum packing.


  • Suitable for sterilisation by gamma irradiation
  • Suitable for gas flushing and vacuum packing
  • Feature excellent sealing properties
  • Advanced materials for customer specific application
  • Available in a range of thicknesses
  • Produced at our BRC and ISO UK manufacturing sites
  • Manufactured and tailored to your needs

Available technologies

  • Print

    Advanced print design, EC logo or usage instructions

  • Specification support and advice

    Expertly designed packaging tailored for customer needs

  • EVOH material

    Barrier qualities, especially for pungent or oily ingredients

  • Film colours

    A vast variety of film colours

Barrier protection bags

Synpac vacuum and barrier bags and pouches lead the UK market for manufactured parts packaging. Used in multiple products and applications, Synpac barrier protection bags are high performing and suitable for food and non-food applications.

Synpac high performance vacuum pouches feature high tensile films with excellent flexibility. Manufactured with specialised film material, they are designed for aggressive chemicals and compounds, controlling strong odours and volatile products.

We hold a range of film in stock including 65 micron, 90 micron, 130 micron and 146 micron.

We can quickly manufacture these into the exact size you require at one of our three UK manufacturing sites, alternatively we have over 40 different sizes of pouches in stock which are available for immediate despatch.

Sizes (external) in mm:

140×170 180×300 240×650 300×300 350×750 530×650
150×200 200×200 250×250 300×350 360×520
150×250 200×250 250×300 300×400 400×400
150×300 200×300 250×350 300×450 400×500
155×225 200×400 250×400 300×500 400×600
160×250 220×300 270×330 320×350 430×650
160×300 220×320 280×540 320×520 500×600


We can provide a one colour random print which allows customers to have company details on packaging. We can also provide Euroholes to hang products and enhance presentation.  Alternatively, we can offer the option of flexographic printing.

We can also supply cut sleeve packaging which is very popular in the non food / industrial sector.  Cut sleeves is a tubular film which is cut to the required length and has no seal on either end of the film. The main benefit of using this type of packaging is that if a company uses several different sizes, instead of ordering large quantities in dimensions they may not use all the time, the customer can seal the film to the exact specification that they require themselves. Cut sleeves gives the customer flexibility with their packaging requirements and they can adapt the film accordingly to what works best for them.

We supply various industrial and non food companies with our packaging. Automotive, healthcare, textile and chemical companies are just a few of the different industries we supply.

Synpac is the leading UK manufacturing brand with industry expertise.  Our technical team work with customers to provide the best packaging solutions.