Heavy duty bags, tubing, sheeting and form, fill and seal (FFS) films for furniture and mattress manufacturers.

We are market leaders in producing premium grade polythene film for furniture and bedding manufacturers. Our high performance Palagan polythene packaging protects furniture of all shapes and sizes – from small soft furnishings to the largest sofas and mattresses.

Industry experts

  • Maximum strength furniture protection bags for excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • Differential slip for the inside and outside of your bag
  • Tough film avoids the need to double bag furniture
  • Air perforations remove smells, condensation and air pockets
  • Designed for your specific processing requirements
  • 100% recyclable film


Valuable furniture requires the toughest films to provide protection in transit and storage from dirt and moisture. The high strength nature of our products is perfectly suited to this.

Our Palagan maximum strength furniture protection bags have excellent tear and puncture resistance. And our technical experts can calculate the exact performance of your packaging, which will bring an end to unwanted punctures.

What furniture bags suit you?

Bags are typically made in flat bottom-weld, gusset bottom weld or centre-folded side weld formats. Tubular sleeve bags have overtaken the side weld cap style bags in recent years as the furniture is fully enclosed which provides improved protection.

Some furniture applications have moved into semi or fully automated packing processes. We make a full range of films that suit these form, fill and seal requirements.

Here are five packaging tips to ensure your furniture arrives in perfect condition:
  1. Choose puncture resistant film

Furniture film needs to work hard. When the film is not strong enough, fingers go right through the bag. Maximum protection is achieved by choosing a film with excellent tear and puncture resistance. We calculate the exact performance of your packaging and manufacture a high strength film to match your strength requirements. This will bring an end to finger punctures.

  1. Go for differential slip

Finding the right surface level of slip for the inside and outside of your bag is critical. To avoid furniture bags slipping and falling during transit, you need low slip polythene for the bag outside surface. And to ensure your furniture easily slides into the bag, go for high slip polythene for the bag inside surface.

  1. Get the right size bag

Furniture bags are often too big or too small. Getting the right size is not easy, particularly if you have multiple product designs. If the bag is too small, tugging makes covering the product difficult. But if the bag is too big, you’re wasting money. You wouldn’t wear clothes that are too big or too small. Nor should your furniture. We are experts in optimising bag sizes to match your products and closure methods.

  1. Avoid double bagging

One great quality single bag offers better protection than two lower quality bags. Excess time is taken double bagging furniture in thin bags that are more likely to tear and lead to furniture damage. And two layers of bagging creates excess plastic waste and wastes money. Stick to one bag.

  1. Allow your furniture to breathe

New furniture needs to breathe before it arrives at the customer. We design furniture bags with micro perforations. Strong smells and condensation will disappear as the air circulates and leaves the bag. And if air pockets are creating a problem when stacking your furniture, these tiny air perforations are the answer. Tiny holes in the polythene bag release trapped air, whilst preventing dirt coming in. Now we can all breathe.

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