We’re better together


Flexipol's integration with Synpac and Palagan is well underway. With three specialist packaging brands together, we provide a wider commercial offering, shorter lead times and more specialist solutions.

To celebrate this commercial integration, we have launched a new website www.flexipol.co.uk and integrated all social media. The combined Flexipol LinkedIn page shares exciting news about Flexipol, Palagan and Synpac.

At Flexipol, we manufacture three specialist flexible packaging brands – Flexipol, Palagan and Synpac. Each focuses on unique markets.

  • For food and animal feed applications, choose Flexipol
  • For industrial processors and manufacturers, you need Palagan
  • For vacuum bags and pouches, it’s Synpac

Together as one company, Flexipol provides customers access to a wider range of packaging innovations, all manufactured in the UK.

Call us on 01706 222792 to find out more.